Casiville Bullard

Casiville Bullard and Family, ca 1908

Casiville Bullard and Family, ca 1908
Casiville Bullard, his wife Addison and childen, Lilly (top row middle) and (left to right bottom) Casivlle Jr., Janet and Howard, ca 1908
Image courtesy of Jerry Blakely. Used with permission.
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A stone mason and bricklayer by trade, Casiville Bullard is probably the best known worker from the State Capitol construction. Born in Tennesee in 1871 and the son of former slaves, he was the eldest in a family of seven children. As a child he picked cotton with his parents and was instructed in bricklaying and masonry by an uncle, becoming skilled at laying brick, marble, and granite. He moved to Saint Paul in the late 19th century to work on the Minnesota State Capitol Building.

There are numerous Internet sites about Casiville Bullard and the home that he built for his family at 1282 Folsom Street in St. Paul. He is listed in the 1903 City Directory working as a carpenter for Butler Brothers with his name misspelled as "Asahel A. Ballard." Dues books from several years, including 1906 (p. 264) and 1908 (p. 31), for the Bricklayers Benevolent Union No. 1 of St. Paul, Minnesota, list him as a member under the name Charles Bullard.

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