Judge Jarrett

Judge Jarrett church flyer
Image from Library of Congress Historic Newspapers
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 Judge Jarrett (1880-1965) was one of the African Americans from Georgia recruited by the Butlers to work on the marble in St. Paul. He arrived in 1902 and his name is found in the payroll records of 1904-5. His mother and sister and her family also moved to St. Paul. At the time of the 1905 Census, Jarrett was living at 886 Park with fellow Capitol worker Issac Suddeth. After the completion of the Capitol, Jarrett went on to work in the quarries at Kasota and then for the Northern Pacific Railroad.  Jarrett is listed in the 1902-1904 St. Paul City Directory and 1905 Payroll.

Most of the workers who constructed the Minnesota Capitol belonged to unions.  While a specific union affiliation has not been found for Jarett, most stone workers wereorganized in St. Paul at the time the Capitol was built, and especially because of his skill, Jarrett was most likely a union member.

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Judge Jarrett church image
Image from Library of Congress Historic Newspapers
Judge Jarrett church flyer