An Interview with HGA Architect Ginny Lackovic by Randy Croce, November 2010

Interview with historian and property deed researcher Frank May by Dave Riehle and Randy Croce, Jasper, GA, October 2012

Entire interview with Marvin Roger Anderson, grandson of Capitol bricklayer Ernest Jones.  Interview with John Sielaff and Dave Riehle, videotaped by Randy Croce at the Minnesota State Library in 2013.  Marvin was the Law Librarian of the State of Minnesota.  He talks about his grandfather and his career, as well as other family members and the St. Paul African American community.  He also talks about his own life, early cleaning work and his legal career.  A transcript of this interview is availalbe on this site. (See below.)

Interview by Dave Riehle, John Sielaff and Randy Croce at Czech-Slovak Protective Society (CSPS) Hall, St. Paul, MN, September 2011