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Stone cutter and stone carver Alexander Fraser was born in February 1855 in Nairnshire, Scotland and immigrated to the US with his father Alexander Fraser, Sr. They arrived in America on April 8, 1870 on the ship SS Europa (to see a transcribed copy of the Europa's passenger manifest click here. Alexander Sr is #315 and Alexander Jr is #316 on this list). His father did not make it to Minnesota.

Research by his great granddaughter shows that Fraser lived in three places in St. Paul in the years 1884-1907. His first residence was located at 606 Conway (1884-1887), St. Paul, and his second residence was located at the corner of Jessie and Geranium streets in St. Paul (1888-1889). In 1888 he bought some property and paid $1000 for a building permit for a 1 story frame dwelling (see below). In 1890 he and his wife moved to 1142 Jessie Street, St. Paul where he and his family lived for the next 17 years. The house he built on Jessie is still standing.

He married Sophia Revie (1870-1956) on Jan 3, 1889 in Saint Paul, MN. They had 6 children. When Fraser died Sophia sold the house and moved to Todd County to be near her family. They had moved there in 1900.

The St. Paul Globe of May 10, 1901 says A. Frazer was "initiated" into the Stonecutter's union. He was already a member of the union, but probably had to leave the city in 1900 and returned, so had to be cleared into the local in 1901.  He is listed as a stonecutter and employee of Butler-Ryan in 1898, 1899 and 1901 in the St. Paul City Directory (as Frazer or Fraser but at the same address.) 

Fraser also worked for a number of employers over the years, both as a stone cutter and as a stone carver. Some of his employers were Patrick Kelly, Lauer Brothers, J.E. Geldreich, Butler-Ryan Company, Hennessy & Cox, and W.H. Ulmer.

Alexander Fraser passed away on June 24, 1907 after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

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