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Minnesota Capitol Decorators
Artists who painted interior decorative art inside the Minnesota State Capitol
Photograph courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society

This section will include information on canvass and mural painters and on sculptors who designed works of art for the Capitol. The three dimensional artists, such as Daniel Chester French - credited with creation of the Quadriga, conceived of a form for the piece and made a model (often on a smaller scale) in clay or plaster. Stone carvers or metal casters made the final works based on the artist's models.

Frank Carstenson

1902 Beam painting payroll. Frank Carstensen worked as a painter employed in rust proofing beams though he always named his occupation "carpenter" for the censuses. He was born in Denmark in 1871 and emigrated in 1895. He and his wife, Ester, also Danish, raised their family in St. Paul while Frank worked as a carpenter.

S.O. Felt

1902 Beam painting payroll. S.O. Felt was born in Sweden in 1836 and emigrated in 1878. He worked on the Capitol as a painter. Fellow painter Joseph Wampach also lived at this address.

Most of the workers who constructed the Minnesota Capitol belonged to unions. However, it is not clear whether painters working in Minnesota were organized during the period when the Capitol was built between 1896 and 1907. So this worker's union status is currently unknown.

Louis Hurd

1902 Beam painting payroll. Louis Hurd was a painter hired to paint steel beams for rust proofing. He was born in Illinois in 1857 and he and his wife, Ella, eventually settled in St. Paul in 1889 and raised a large family here. (Hubbard Ave. was called Wesley in 1902.)

John Partridge

1902 Beam painting payroll. John Partridge was born in Canada in 1881 and moved to St. Paul about 1901. He worked on a painting crew rustproofing steel beams at the Capitol in March on 1902. This is where he and his wife, Annie, were living at the time of the 1905 Minnesota Census. We do not believe he was related to George Partridge of the firm, Bazille and Partridge, who got the contract for most of the painting on the Capitol.